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2018 Forward Impact Project Selections

September 18, 2018

The Forward Impact Project, presented by IFP and SeriesFest, is an initiative to help finance, produce, release and build an audience for 12 independent series that are selected as ready for development and production. On September 19, 2018 at IFP Week in NYC, 12 teams of creators (six IFP alumni and six SeriesFest alumni) will have the opportunity to pitch to and receive feedback from industry financiers, network executives, distributors and producers. Participants will also be paired with a Forward Impact ambassador to serve as a mentor, and will be invited to participate at events at both the 40th IFP Week in 2018 and SeriesFest: Season 5 in 2019. Learn more about the 2018 Forward Impact Project selections below:

For more information about the Forward Impact Project visit: http://seriesfest.com/artist-initiatives/forward-impact-project