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5 Pilots From SeriesFest That Made Us Swoon

February 13, 2018


SeriesFest: Season Three Winner -- Best Pilot (Comedy), Best Director (Comedy)

When Ira and Mo moved to New York City almost 15 years ago, they made a pact that after a certain amount of time, if they hadn’t “made it” in their chosen creative fields, they’d change course and pursue ‘Something Viable.’ They set a specific deadline as a fail-safe to make sure they didn’t end up still auditioning and waiting tables in their seventies. That deadline, however, has been pushed, pushed, and pushed again. Ira and Mo are both talented, and always so close to a deal or gig that will open a clear path to legitimacy, money, and success, but the deadline is upon them. And this time they vowed -- no more extensions. Mo and Ira’s Plan B was a Mayan Apocalypse, which, tragically, failed to materialize. Now they face the most terrifying prospect of all: coming up with a Plan C.


Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (from CollegeHumor's Jake and Amir)  wrote and starred in this Official Selection from SeriesFest: Season Three. Blumenfeld plays Ruby Jade, a neurotic, selfish, understandably single 30-something who wants to have sex more than anything else in the world—and it shows. Hurwitz plays Josh Rice, an empathetic dating teacher, who half heartedly dispenses advice to a gaggle of desperate students. The show follows Ruby on his quest to find love with literally anybody, including Milana Vayntrub, Ariana Madix, George Basil, and more.


This SeriesFest: Season Two Official Selection is the story of a couple in love that just happen to live very, very far from one another - Sam, a photographer in NY and Emily, a graduate student and urban farmer in LA. Each episode of the show is split into two sides  - HIS and HERS (his directed by Jack Lawrence Mayer, hers directed by Carlyn Hudson). The show explores the world of each individual as they weave in and out of each other's lives. And all the times they're together, the viewer sees those moments as each individual character sees them: through the lens of their subjective reality.


From SeriesFest: Season Three, this romantic dramedy follows Cameron and James as they try to navigate the 21st-century dating scene as two queer men of color. James is a man desperate for love who has just ended a long distance relationship and is forced to re-enter the dating world (cue Tinder).  Meanwhile, his roommate and best friend, Cameron, is hooking up with a guy, avoiding commitment wherever possible. This intimate and relatable series takes us into the modern dating scene, where impromptu drunk speeches lead to revelations and terrible dates can lead to hope.


SeriesFest: Season Three Winner -- Digital Short Series Competition

When the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage is announced, Sidney and Jules get swept into the celebration and feel an obligation to get engaged. Rushing into a hasty engagement and diving head first into wedding planning, the couple find themselves quarreling every step of the way. Cue a brand new chapter, one that will both test and strengthen their relationship. You can watch the first five episodes online here: http://disengagedshow.com

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