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Day 2 Recap - Saturday, June 23

June 22, 2018

Saturday featured our VIRTUAL REALITY: IGNITING GLOBAL IMPACT panel Presented by East Coast Digital. Make sure to stop by today and experience VR that is igniting change around the world. 

Comedy Block 1 had three amazing pilots that had people laughing from start to finish. If you missed it make sure you stop by Monday afternoon to check out Companion, Beautiful Mess, and Everyone is Doing Great. It is sure to bring a bright spot to your SeriesFest experience!   Our INCLUSION IMPACT: DISABILITY REPRESENTATION ON-SCREEN AND BEHIND-THE-SCENES panel was an incredible conversation with industry leaders focused on leading the charge and influencing Hollywood to be inclusive of disability.

Sunday's Upcoming Schedule:

10:30am The Miracle 
10:45am Joseph Cambell & The Power of Myth With Bill Moyers 
11:00am The Diversity Pendulum (Panel)
11:00am RoundTable Sessions
1:00pm Drama Block 4 
1:15pm Comedy Block 2 (Q&A)
1:30pm Who Runs The Show? Women (Panel)
3:30pm Comedy Block 3 (Q&A)
3:30pm AMC's Lodge 49 (Q&A)
3:45pm Drama Block 2 (Q&A)
5:30pm The Golden Age of Television (Panel)
6:15pm On The Spectrum 
7:00pm Blumhouse Television and Facebook Watch's Sacred Lies (Q&A)
8:15pm Comedy Block 5 (Q&A)
8:30pm Drama Block 1 (Q&A)
9:00pm Drama Block 5 (Q&A)

Sunday's Featured Picks