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Supporting the art of episodic storytelling year-round

SeriesFest was born out of the desire to create a platform, a community and a marketplace for independent television. Over the past four years, SeriesFest has become much more. It has grown from a three day festival to a year-round non-profit organization where artists support other artists; where students and professionals can learn and grow; where discovery happens; and where new voices and storytellers have found a home.

Featuring Creators

Opportunities for creators and artists that are looking to open new doors, build their networks and hone their crafts.

Forward Impact Project
Storytellers Initiative
Writer's Room Series

Featuring Students

Supporting and fostering the growth of the next generation of creators, storytellers and audiences, both in Colorado and across the nation. More details to come!




Featuring Women

Focusing on unique opportunities and workshops to help female creators launch their voice and be leaders behind the camera.

Jan Marino Scholarship
Women Directing Mentorship
Women Writing Competition