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International Spotlight

Storytelling is universal, and with that, borders cannot exist. This section invites you to discover some of today’s best TV shows from around the world, including Sweden, France, Israel, Brazil, the Netherlands, and more.

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The Wise Ones

Friday, June 30 | 1:15pm | Clasen Theater


Wednesday, June 28 | 2:30pm | Clasen Theater

The Body Collector

Thursday, June 29 | 7:30pm | Maglione Theater


Wednesday, June 28 | 8:00pm | Clasen Theater

Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne

Saturday, July 1 | 11:00am | Fries Theater


Saturday, July 1 | 6:30pm | Clasen Theater

Public Enemy

Friday, June 30 | 8:00pm | Fries Theater