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Angry Black Women

United States | Comedy | 11m


Saturday, July 1, 8:45pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS

Wednesday, June 28, 5:30pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Q&A with Haj & Dahéli Hall

Nothing makes Black women angrier than being called “Angry Black Women.” What might make them happy is a hilarious opportunity to consider why Black women have every damn right to be angry in the first place.

Angry Black Women is a digital comedy webseries that boldly spoofs its derogatory title through the humorous, hyper-realistic tales of two Black women: an actress and a writer striving against all odds in a prejudiced, sexist industry named Hollywood… or is it society? It’s a social commentary on racial and gender bias which we all universally face. In the vein of Broad City meets Blackish, Angry Black Women stems from the real lives of its sketch comedy creators, Dahéli Hall as Angry Black Woman 1, playing an out of work actress and HaJ as Angry Black Woman 2, playing an out of work writer.

Both Angry Black women live in Los Angeles where they constantly find themselves in situations where their “Blackness” is challenged in both Hollywood and society. Even when Angry Black Woman 2 eventually moves to Atlanta a.k.a The Black Mecca a.k.a. Hollywood South, she still manages to clash with the Black culture. Both women are ironically too Black for the white world and not Black enough for the Black world. The series pokes fun at cultural stereotypes, and even defying them. At the end of the day, Angry Black Women holds a mirror up to make us think about how we all define each other and ourselves.


Dahéli Hall, HaJ


Angie Browne


Dahéli Hall, HaJ


Dahéli Hall, HaJ


Daheli Hall, HaJ

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