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North American Premiere

Israel | Comedy | 90m


Saturday, July 1, 6:30pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS


Shiri Azogi is a frustrated 30-year-old actress who is stuck with the body and appearance of a teenager... and she hates it. She sees herself as a dumb woman leading a mundane life filled with failures, without friends or dreams. All she has is her boyfriend Nimrod, and that too is taken away when he dumps her.

 When Nimrod is arrested and charged as a drug dealer, Shiri is determined to do everything in her power to save him, and joins the police as an undercover agent posing as a high school student. What starts as a nightmare becomes an empowering experience and a newly found sense of meaning; the part she was born to play, the only role which turns her childish looks into an advantage. Suddenly her hated, childlike body, becomes her winning ace. She lies and manipulates everyone around her, especially Assaf, the high school principal, who falls in love with her without knowing her true age or identity. Blinded by love and power, Shiri soon crosses the line and turns from an undercover narc to a narc dealer, becoming the new target of the police investigation. She is in way over her head, trapped in her new identity, playing the role of a lifetime, and realizes for the first time that she is not, in fact, “dumb.”


Bat Hen Sabbag, Shay Capon


Shay Capon


Executive Producer: Jonathan Paran & Producer: Raanan Gershoni


Bat Hen Sabbag


Bat Hen Sabbag, Muki

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