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Kissing Walls
Colorado Premiere

Wednesday, June 28, 5:30pm -
Maglione Theater BUY TICKETS

Saturday, July 1, 8:45pm -
Clasen Theater BUY TICKETS

United States | Comedy | 14m


Q&A with Zak Payne

Kissing Walls is a romantic dramedy that follows Cameron and James as they try to navigate the 21st-century dating scene as two queer men of color.

Meet James, a man desperate for love who has just ended a long distance relationship and is forced to re-enter the dating world (cue Tinder).  Meanwhile, his roommate and best friend Cameron is hooking up with a guy, avoiding commitment wherever possible.

This intimate and relatable series takes us into the modern dating scene, where impromptu drunk speeches lead to revelations and terrible dates can lead to hope.


Zak Payne


Zak Payne


Zak Payne and Nathaniel Tenenbaum


Zak Payne


Zak Payne, Nathaniel Tenenbaum, Cole Doman, Kiersten Frumkin