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New Mommies

Pilot Premiere

United States | 26m


Thursday, June 29, 12:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Q&A with Matthew Mullen

From the creators of :30 Second Somebodies, which premiered at last year’s festival, comes New Mommies. Aaron breaks up with his longtime girlfriend Lydia after discovering she’s been unfaithful, while James has an unexpected encounter with his ex-wife Margeaux. The encounters send Aaron and James reeling, but after bottoming out, the guys realize what they truly want: “New Mommies” for their pets. With new found hope, they set off on their journey, but quickly realize their mutual goal will be harder to achieve than they expected.


Micah Cohen, Matthew Mullen


Micah Cohen, Jackson McQueen

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