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Public Enemy

North American Premiere

Belgium | Drama | 60m


Friday, June 30, 8:00pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS


After 20 years in prison Guy Béranger (Angelo Bison), a dangerous child murderer, is released on parole to the custody of the monks at Vielsart Abbey. This leads to an outcry from the small village nearby and to the rest of the country. When a young girl disappears on the outskirts of the abbey, the entire village is in uproar. Chloé Muller (Stéphanie Blanchoud), a young inspector based in Brussels, is assigned to the investigation to protect the despised Béranger. Her investigation brings her face-to-face with the fears and secrets of the seemingly peaceful local community.


Antoine Bours, Giles De Voghel, Matthieu Frances, Christopher Yates


Matthieu Frances, Gary Seghers


Isabel De La Serna, François Touwaide


Antoine Bours, Fréd Castadot, Gilles de Voghel, Matthieu Frances, Christopher Yates


Stephanie Blanchoud, Angelo Bison, Clement Manuel, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Philippe Jeusette, Laura Sepul, Vincent Londez

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