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Running with Violet

World Premiere

Canada | Comedy | 22m


Friday, June 30, 4:00pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS

Saturday, July 1, 8:00pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS


Q&A with Rebecca Davey

It’s a series of unfortunate events in this serialized dramedy about a lonely housewife and a single mother and her toddler who attempt a girl’s weekend, but soon find themselves on the run from a small town drug gang.

As Miranda, Jolene, and Violet drive away from Pictonville and toward freedom (or so they think), they find themselves getting closer and closer to a web of crimes and dangerous criminals, each one seemingly worse than the one before. The saving grace through it all will be the strength of their budding friendships, the self-strengths they all start to discover, and the driving need to protect little Violet in the back seat.


Marie-Claire Marcotte & Rebecca Davey


Lindsay Mackay


Trent Scherer, Michael Cheung, She Said Films, Miguel Matias; Rebecca Davey, Marie-Claire Marcotte, Lindsay King, Emma Malm


Rebecca Davey & Marie-Claire Marcotte


Marie-Claire Marcotte, Rebecca Davey, Jamie Spilchuck, Claire Armstrong

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