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World Premiere

United States | Drama | 45m


Friday, June 30, 12:00pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS

Saturday, July 1, 4:00pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS


Q&A with Andrew Bryan, Owen Hornstein III and Todd Campbell 

Shepherd is a narrative series that puts into question our perceptions of moral authority, both in society and in religion, and provides a window to the existential crisis surrounding a damaged soul. The series also seeks to bring the negligence and desensitization towards rampant crime in poverty-stricken communities more into the national conversation by showing what could happen when a traditionally peaceful member of the community is done feeling helpless. In no way do the creators condone vigilantism as a perfect or even effective solution to the multi-faceted problem of urban crime. Instead, the hope is to provide a perspective on this issue that is both truthful and complex. After all, in the real world it isn't just good guys vs. bad guys.

The creative team behind the project is made up entirely of New Orleans-based working professionals looking to prove that good TV doesn't necessarily have to come from New York or Los Angeles. Leading the predominantly African-American cast is veteran actor Lance Nichols (House of Cards, Into the Badlands) as the conflicted anti-hero that is Father Joseph.


Andrew Bryan & Owen Hornstein III


Andrew Bryan


Alicia Davis Johnson & Andrew Bryan; Todd Campbell & Kenneth Reynolds


Andrew Bryan & Owen Hornstein III


Lance Nichols, Chelsea Bryan, Alicia Davis Johnson, Kelvin Harrison, Indigo, Martin Bradford, John "Spud" McConnell

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