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The Creatures of Yes

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The Creatures of Yes is a new, ongoing television-style puppet show made by Jacob Graham and Co. in Brooklyn, New York. It's about people discovering the world around them and learning to appreciate each other's differences. It's a show for all ages that addresses modern, relevant topics head-on with humor and sensitivity.

It is also a time travel experiment. For this project, a late 1970s television studio was recreated in Graham's apartment with period-appropriate equipment, including cathode-ray tube video cameras, stand-alone special effects generators, analog synthesizers, antique sewing machines, fur, feathers, and very hot lights. The idea is that if the show is made exactly as it would have been in those days, who's to say when it was made? It's a blending of fantasy and reality. Who believes what?

It has been said about Creatures of Yes that "each video is a sort of contemplative aesthetic object that invites viewers to deepen their sense of empathy and wonder without drawing easy conclusions.". There are no villains, there are no easy conclusions, everyone has their own particle of the truth. Characters talk and learn (or fail to learn) from each other just as one would in real life.


Jacob Graham


Jacob Graham


Jacob Graham


Jacob Graham, Caleb Graham, Karen Hover

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