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The Wise Ones

North American Premiere

Brazil | Drama | 80m


Friday, June 30, 1:15pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS


This  4-episode first season centers on the nuances of old age. “Our culture is obsessed with youth, and the elderly tend to be pushed aside as if they have nothing more to say or teach. Big mistake. Maybe what we lack is precisely this perspective of experience; we have often opted to travel down foolish and infantile paths. This show reminds us that, behind the wrinkles, there is wisdom and life", says director Fernando Meirelles.

In the first season, this sensitive and surprising anthology series about the elderly was chosen for The Non-Competitive Exhibition of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017. The first episode, “The Robbery”, follows Yolanda (Beatriz Segall), a woman taken hostage when the bank she is in is robbed by Kléber (João Cortês) and his posse, who force her to relive an old trauma. In “The First Day”, lawyer Napoleão Roberto (Juca Oliveira), discovers he suffers from a serious illness and decides to try to reconnect with his son (Dan Stulbach). In “Through Samba”, four samba loving friends, members of samba group, Lucas (Germano Mathias), Oswaldo (Goulart de Andrade), Amaro (Zé Maria) and Mateus (Wilson das Neves), are shattered when one of them takes his own life. In the forth episode, “Leaves of the Fall”, Francisca (Selma Egrei), a depressed widow, rediscovers love at 70 with another woman, after years tending to her sick husband; the newfound love will pit her against her son (Eucir de Souza), which places her in a very difficult position.


Quico Meirelles


Fernando Meirelles and Quico Meirelles


Executive Producers: Fernando Meirelles, Guel Arraes and Marcia Vinci and Producers: Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck


Antonio Prata and Marcio Alemão Delgado


Beatriz Segall and Juca de Oliveira

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