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VR 1.0: Basics and Inspiration

Presented in Partnership with East Coast Digital


Friday, June 30, 2:00pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS 60m

Nora Kirkpatrick, Creator and Star of Virtually Mike and Nora

Daniel Bury, Creator of Chasing the World

Stina Hamlin, East Coast Digital & State Media

Schele Williams, Director (Moderator)



Nora Kirkpatrick, Creator and Star of Virtually Mike and Nora
Nora created, wrote and directed the first ever comedy series in Virtual Reality, with SNL alum Mike O’Brien, which is currently airing on Hulu. She has also just gone into production on a live action VR film for Hulu that she is writing and directing, entitled Door No. 1. This series is executive produced by Lee Eisenberg (The Office, Hello Ladies) and Jarrad Paul (The D Train, The Grinder).

Nora starred in the film Pink Grapefruit, which won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2015, and recently sold her TV show, Best-Seller, to Comedy Central, produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jessica Elbaum, and Olivia Wilde. She was a founding member and accordion player for the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with whom she won a Grammy in 2013. Nora is a theater graduate from UCLA, and has played many roles in film and TV, including The OfficeGreek, Jennifer Falls, Chasing Life, and Men at Work

Most recently Nora can be seen in Adam Sandler’s latest film Sandy Wexler, and Paul Lieberstein’s latest feature, The Song of Back and Neck.


Daniel Bury, creator “Chasing the World”

With a background in documentary filmmaking and cutting edge visual effects and VR expertise, Daniel Bury set out to create his own VR travel series called Chasing the World in Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, Brazil and the Philippines which premiered in Cannes Next. In the process, he set out to revolutionise VR storytelling by bringing viewers on an authentic journey with enriching human stories and perfect technical quality. He has pioneered a VR storytelling style that facilitates immersion by captivating viewers in powerful story-driven narratives. Daniel attended Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Southern California for directing and digital arts, and he is a permanent resident of Australia based in Sydney.


Stina Hamlin, East Coast Digital & State Media

Stina Hamlin, veteran member of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) and committee member of the Women’s Impact Network, has produced non-fiction, lifestyle television for twenty years.  Stina’s life-long enthusiasm for the arts, documentaries, and technology has evolved into a passion for producing cinematic virtual reality and 360 storytelling.  Her first virtual reality project, "Cardboard City," was winner of the Samsung Gear Indie Milk VR contest in January 2016 and premiered at Sundance on the MilkVR platform.  “Cardboard City” then evolved into an interactive documentary featuring a blend of makers space, augmented reality, and virtual reality that premiered at New York Film Festival’s Convergence in October 2016.


A former professional dancer, she was driven to direct a series of 360 dance pieces by choreographer, Jonathan Lee, one of which recently won the grand prize in the #causes category for the Samsung Creators Awards, entitled “Say Our Name.”  Stina is currently working on the sequel to "Cardboard City,”Boxed Out," which has live action, stop motion, and interactivity, as well as content for Doctors Without Borders, Unicef, & USA Today’s “VRtually There” series with her production company, State Media and post facility, East Coast Digital.


Schele Williams is primarily a theatre director, so story telling in 360 is a natural fit.  She recently re-conceived and directed the 2017 National tour of Motown the Musical currently touring around the country, on Broadway she was the Associate Director of Motown the Musical and was the Associate Choreographer for Rent.  Later this summer she will be directing the new musical Sweethearts of Swing and a new project for The Center of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for the NYU School of law.

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