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VRtually There: American Elephant

Colorado Premiere

United States | 6m


American Elephant premieres the first week of USA Today and YouTube's second season of VRtually There. In this 360-degree VR film, we travel to Ano Nuevo State Park in California for the annual migration of Northern Elephant Seals: an incredible marine mammal that can weigh up to two tons. These charismatic giants patrol the Pacific until returning to California every year to pup and breed. Scientists Caroline Casey and Rachel Holser study these extraordinary behemoths—and for the first time we bring VR cameras to this exclusive and restricted beach laboratory. Using custom remote control vehicles, audio recording devices and other specialized tools, we join Caroline and Rachel as they perform their research and bring us closer to elephant seals than anyone should ever attempt on their own. It is a truly spectacular opportunity to see, hear and feel what it's like to stand in the shadow of these ocean giants. This is unprecedented footage that VR audiences have never experienced before.

American Elephants  is part of the premiere episode of VRtually There—an unprecedented VR series delivering 3 unique VR experiences every week. Series content strands range from Adventure to Wildlife to American landmarks to VIP access to Sports.


Niko Chauls, David Hamlin, Keira Nothaft, Robert Padavick


Mike Kofsky


Executive Producer: David Hamlin and Producer: Mike Kofsky


Mike Kofsky


Caroline Casey, Rachel Holser

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