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TV Pilot Academy Summer Camp



SeriesFest is back this Summer 2022 with the popular TV Pilot Academy Summer Camp! This camp is available for students ages 13-18 who have a passion for television, acting, film, editing, writing, or directing. This camp features 90 contact hours with real industry professionals and full student use of professional film equipment.  Students will work as a team for 3 weeks to create an original independent TV pilot. The original pilot will screen publicly at the end of the camp in partnership with SeriesFest in Denver, CO.


CU-Denver Film and Television Department

900 Auraria Pkwy

Denver, CO 80204



TV Pilot Academy runs June 6–24, 2022, and will meet in-person five days a week Monday–Friday from 9am–3pm.

Both original pilots from the teams will screen Sunday, June 26, 2022, at 8:00 PM at CU Denver's Tivoli Theater. 

Sponsored by Once Upon a Time Productions

2019 TV Pilot Academy Completed Pilot Projects

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