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Virtual Learning Lab

SeriesFest brings virtual education directly to students, wherever they are. A partner program with Denver Film, SeriesFest seeks to engage students in thought-provoking and meaningful ways through access to content, strategies for self expression and opportunities to connect with other students through storytelling. Programs currently available:


Virtual Survey Course

Students will engage with films and TV Pilots through a Virtual Film School survey course. Each week instructors will pick a film or TV Pilot is available for students to stream at home for free. Once a week students and instructors meet for a Zoom Conference to discuss the film in detail like a virtual film school!

Current program meets: Thursdays in April and May at 4pm.

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Suggested Donation of $25 for the program


Virtual Writers Room

Students will have the opportunity to work together to create their own TV Pilot or short film scripts through Zoom rooms, each hosted by a writing mentor. Each week students and their mentors will meet in a Zoom conference to strategize the next steps for their collaborative scripts. Students will be given temporary serial codes to use professional writing software Final Draft to complete their scripts in a collaborative environment. Upon completion a virtual Live Read will take place so their stories can be shared with the larger group of participating students.

Current program meets: Tuesdays, beginning April 14 thorugh May 26 at 4pm

Cost is $25 to participate (scholarships available)

SeriesFest Virtual Learning Program



Cost: $25

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