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Join us in celebrating Black History Month

February 05, 2021

Black History Month is a time to reflect on and pay tribute to Black voices that have contributed to American culture. In honor of these heroes and heroines, we will be shining a spotlight on important conversations, inspiring stories and unique opportunities with, about and for Black storytellers using television as a platform to illuminate America's true diversity.
AMPLIFY INCLUSION THROUGH INDEPENDENT SERIES: At SeriesFest, we recognize that we need to play an even greater role in supporting and amplifying the voices of Black storytellers. We need a space to collectively learn and process the injustice that is evident in our society while exploring our common humanity. In this important conversation from Season 6, panelists Dahéli Hall (Writer/Actress, Dear White People), HaJ (Writer/ Actress, Angry Black Women) and Patrick Wimp (Creator, Brothers From The Suburbs) join hosts Chris Jenkins (former Washington Post Editor, Filmmaker, Writer) and Michael Michele (Actress, Producer, Director) to discuss state of the world and the importance of utilizing independent series to highlight racial, political, and gender equity issues facing America today.
UP NORTH & THE BRUTAL TRUTH OF THE U.S. PRISON SYSTEM: In 2017, Up North creator Emil Pinnock debuted the powerful story of Up North at SeriesFest. Based on Pinnock's real life experience, the series follows an innocent teenager, an elder convict, and a vicious street hustler as they fight through the corrupt prison system and dangerous city streets of New York. Panelists Emil Pinnock (Creator, Up North), Ian Robertson (Writer, Up North), JJ Greene (Writer, Up North) joined host Dr. Anita Phillips (Trauma Therapist, Turn The Light On, LLC) for an inspiring conversation at SeriesFest: Season 6 about the state of our country, police brutality, and, how we can make change. Click below to check out the series trailer followed by the full conversation.


Fellows will be paired with top TV, new media and digital executives of color in hopes of moving their projects and careers forward. SeriesFest will curate a dedicated group of mentors and mentees to spark change in the landscape of the TV/film/media industry at the leadership level.


Presented by Level Forward, this award is given to the pilot and team that demonstrate a thoughtful, thorough and deliberate approach to using storytelling as a means of leveling the playing field for underrepresented people including women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA and alternatively abled voices. 

VIRTUAL PANEL:  Author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and activist Chelsea Miller from Freedom March NYC join journalist and filmmaker Chris Jenkins for a conversation on race, art, politics, and being Black in America.

PAID INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY:  Deadline to apply is February 21, 2021