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Season 6 Best Pilot Award Winners & Incredible Creators Behind Them

August 05, 2020

SeriesFest’s international independent pilot competitions offer episodic creators the opportunity to showcase their work at our annual festival each June. This past June we (virtually) screened an amazing selection of pilots from creative voices from all over the world, vying for the top prize in the categories of Independent Pilot: Drama, Independent Pilot: Comedy, Independent Pilot: Unscripted, Digital Short Series and Late Night. An esteemed jury from various sectors of the entertainment industry, including award-winning actors, producers, production executives, and media, were then tasked with determining the best of the best. Read on to learn more about this year’s Best Pilot Award winners and the creators that brought these incredible stories to life.


Best Pilot: IPC Drama

Story of You

Pilot/Series Description: When Jayne, a pregnant kindergarten teacher in the middle of her own affair discovers the man who raised her isn't her father, the story of her life begins to quickly unravel.

Creator(s): Raleigh Cain

Producer(s): Raleigh Cain, Anthony DiMieri

Director(s): Caleb Wall, Raleigh Cain

Writer: Raleigh Cain

Cast: Raleigh Cain, Pete Gardner, Holly Gagnier, Allie Jennings, Joseph Stromberg, Peter Murphy, Sara Silva, Laurie Cummings, Michelle Roselle, Blaine Kirk


Best Pilot: IPC Comedy

Everyone Together 

Pilot/Series Description: Everyone Together, a comedy series, follows two dysfunctional families from different cultural backgrounds as they clash and bond over a new major family milestone each season.

Creator(s): Jessica Kaye, Steven Klein, Kelsey Ledgin

Producer(s): Katelyn Howes, Jessica Kaye, Steven Klein, Eric Ledgin

Director(s): Lauren Ludwig

Writer: Kelsey Ledgin

Cast: Jessica Kaye, Steven Klein, Emily James, Reza Sixo Safai, Iman Nazemzadeh


Best Pilot: Unscripted

Racist Trees

Pilot/Series Description: Racist Trees follows the complex story behind a row of Tamarisk trees that have been the center of a long-standing battle between Black residents and the Palm Springs City Council. With conflicting reports surrounding their origin, ignored maintenance, and suppression of property values, a media firestorm propels this community into the national landscape, inciting unprecedented behavior from both sides.

Creator(s): Sarah Ullman, Mara Tasker

Producer(s): Saba Zerehi, Mara Tasker, Sarah Ullman 

Director(s): Yoko Okumura

Writer: Yoko Okumura, Sarah Ullman

Cast: Jennifer Carroll Foy, Josh Crandell, Sarah Ullman, Mara Tasker, Jessica Pantoja, Olesia Saveleva, Kara Johnson, Kelsey Norton


Best Pilot: Late Night


Pilot/Series Description: It’s the year of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Except, the internet exists, and Puritan Style Guru Sarah Winsley's online channel has made her a New World celebrity. When a panic of evil bedevils the community, Sarah can't be sure what’s ailing her—is she bewitched or is she a witch?

Creator(s): Alice Victoria Winslow

Producer(s)Leland Montgomery, Maya Taylor, Andrew Keutmann, Christine Haggerty, Par Parekh

Director(s): Alice Victoria Winslow

Writer: Alice Victoria Winslow

Cast: Alice Victoria Winslow


Best Pilot: Digital Short Series 


Pilot/Series Description: When Joy’s fairytale romance abruptly ends on her 35th birthday, the TICK-TOCK of her biological clock becomes deafening. It coaxes her into romantic misadventures and provokes hallucinations. From dating services to fertility treatments, Freeze explores the conflicts between Joy and her own biology in an era of unparalleled female choice.

Creator(s): Maya Albanese

Producer(s): Maya Albanese 

Director(s): Maya Albanese

Writer: Maya Albanese

Cast: Adrian Grenier, Nora Zehetner, Chris Parnell, Mindy Sterling, Rick Overton, Kel Mitchell, John Ennis, Jazzmun Crayton, C.C. Sheffield


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