Black Creek

USA | Drama | 11 min | World Premiere

When Lucy Haywood is recruited by an underground organization known as Black Creek to transport a mysterious package across warring state lines, she is thrown into a pulse-pounding mission that may be the key to finding her father — a disgraced virologist who disappeared under mysterious circumstances nearly a decade ago.

But as opposing forces vie to intercept the package, Lucy will be forced to navigate a violent, lawless world, where finding her father may only come at the cost of getting her own hands bloody.

Creator: The East Brothers (Michael Goitanich, Connor Pannell)
Director: Connor Pannell
Producer: Michael Goitanich, Connor Pannell
Executive Producer: Michael Goitanich, Connor Pannell, Dillon Shealy, David Raab, Frank Ferrer
Writer: Michael Goitanich, Connor Pannell
Editor: Vivian Zingleman
Cinematographer: Bryan Redding
Cast: Noelle Cameron, Nican Robinson, Allen Rowell, J. Gaven Wilde, Chad Ayers, Olivia Samford
Composer: Jesi Nelson