United States | Drama | 22m | Colorado Premiere | English | Subtitles | Closed Captions

Winner of the SXSW 2022 Audience Award. Based on a true story. A Coming-of-Age Drama, adapted from the award-winning novel & critically acclaimed stage play. Set in 1980s Brownsville, Brooklyn, a spunky Latina must blaze her own path as she comes of age to face the grim realities of the musician father she once idolized and the deteriorating neighborhood she calls home.

Brownsville Bred won the Caz Matthews award at SeriesFest: Season 8, sponsored by Caz Matthews.

Creator: Elaine Del Valle
Director: Elaine Del Valle
Producer: Leslie Cohen, Adrienne Lovette, Debbie Esko-Gold, Eddie Frente, Elaine Del Valle
Writer: Elaine Del Valle
Cast: Javier Muñoz, Summer Rose Castillo, Karina Ortiz, Susanna Guzman, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Gabriela Amerth, Kevin Chacon, Kimora Cuadrado, Neo Vela, Byron Clohessy, Jon Freda