USA | Comedy | 18 min | Colorado Premiere | English, Spanish | English Closed Captions

Having recently lost his father, Rogelio, 14, is an impressionable youth who thinks he’s ‘grown’. After devising a way to sneak into a strip club with his friends Larry and Chaz, Ro will have to deal with the pressure of hiding this plan from the women who raised him while coping with recurring visions of his late father. With the help of his older sister Chelly, Ro finds himself at a crossroads when he realizes the disconnect between the man he thought his father was, and the man his sister remembers.

Creator: Jocko Sims
Director: Jocko Sims
Producer: Christopher Santiago, Chaz Hazlitt, Andrew Zolot
Executive Producer: Jocko Sims
Writer: Jocko Sims
Editor: Jocko Sims, Shonnard Hedges
Cinematographer: Andrew Voegeli
Cast: Josiah Gabriel, Tristan-Lee Edwards, Giovanni Cristoff, Angela Mejia-Loggia, Eliza Ramos, Kevin Rodriguez, Nixon Cesar
Composer: Charlie Ryan