USA | Comedy | 17 min | World Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

Queer best friends Quinn, Sarai, Mickey, Cohen, and Zel make up their school’s Gay Straight Alliance. After an outburst in their English class, the school principal gives them an ultimatum: they must double their club’s membership in two weeks, and find straight members, or their club will be disbanded. The club works to be “Gay Best Friends” to their high school’s heterosexual population, but quickly find it’s harder than they anticipated. When their plan is complicated by romance, rejection, and religion, the future of their club is uncertain. Hetero is a heartfelt, hilarious story about high school found family. 

Director: KJ Kieras, Bentley Eldridge
Producer: KJ Kieras, Bentley Eldridge
Executive Producer: KJ Kieras, Bentley Eldridge
Writer: KJ Kieras
Editor: Bentley Eldridge
Cinematographer: Bentley Eldridge
Cast: Sabina Buensuceso, Jubilee Lopez, Adriane Watson, Eden Branford, Jonah Blue
Composer: Samara Lennoxx, Eli Jonathan