United States | Drama | 20m | World Premiere | English | Closed Captions

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Based on a true story. 22-year-old Lex tries to navigate how NOT to be a junkie, but with no how-to manual and a slew of childhood traumas bubbling to the surface, managing life “one day at a time” feels nearly impossible.

Andrea Metz won an award at SeriesFest: Season 8 for Best Writer of an Independent Pilot: Drama. This award was sponsored by Company 3.

Creator: Andrea Metz, Michelle Peerali
Director: Michelle Peerali
Producer: Andrea Metz, Michelle Peerali
Writer: Andrea Metz
Cast: Ally Ioannides, Nora Yates, June Carryl, Andrea Metz, Candis Cayne, Amirah Johnson, Mia Castillo, Tommi Rose, Kim Webster, Patrick Hogue