I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental

USA | Drama | 30 min | World Premiere | English

When two women crash their cars into each other in a school parking lot, they are forced to spend time in a psych ward together.

Director: Layne Marie Williams
Producer: Ashton Swinford, Aimy Tien, Grace Hahn
Executive Producer: Carly Glenn, Amy McIntyre
Writer: Carly Glenn
Editor: Mike Berg
Cinematographer: Gianna Aquilina
Cast: Carly Glenn, Katie Maringer, Matthew LaChapelle, Phallon Pierce, Kyra Pierce, Antoine McKay, Christopher Meister, Mickey O’Sullivan, Kroydell Galima, Isabel Ackerman, Will Daly, Jennifer Engstrom, Breon Arzell, Skye Shrum, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, Jim McCance, Monette McLin, Mo Shipley, Ashton Swinford
Composer: Devin Delaney, Craig J. Snider