One Million Girls

USA | Comedy | 28 min | World Premiere | English

A sketch comedy series poking fun at various aspects of queer NYC life. Featuring sketches at places like Branded Saloon (a western themed Brooklyn gay bar), historic lesbian bar Gingers, and Queer Shark Tank- One Million Girls memorializes what it is to be gay and living in New York City right now. A series about finding shared connection and community among different types of people in the LGBTQ+ NYC scene.

Director: Valeria A. Avina
Producer: Eileen Hanley
Executive Producer: Emily Dayton Evans and GARA
Writer: Emily Dayton Evans and GARA
Editor: Emily Kordovich
Cinematographer: Emily Kordovich
Cast: GARA, Emily Dayton Evans, Eileen Hanley, Ryan Leach, Nadia Pinder, Sheria Mattis, Natalie Rotter-Laitman, Charlie Bardey , Dylan Adler , Vincent Ward
Composer: Erin Tomkins