Our Big Punjabi Family

Canada | Comedy | 23 min | World Premiere | Punjabi, English | English Subtitles | English Closed Captions

Hilarity ensues when family therapist Sitara and her husband, Sunny, lose all their money in a “bad investment”, forcing them to move in with his big crazy loud traditional Punjabi family in the suburbs. Sitara rethinks the concept of family and learns to embrace the old Punjabi ways that she denied for so long without losing her identity as a modern, independent woman in the process.

Creator: Leena Manro, Agam Darshi
Director: Agam Darshi
Producer: Kelly Balon, Anand Ramayya
Executive Producer: Kelly Balon, Anand Ramayya, Leena Manro, Agam Darshi, Doug Mankoff, Andy Nathani, Mel D'Souza
Writer: Leena Manro, Agam Darshi
Editor: Jackie Dzuba
Cinematographer: Mark Dobrescu
Cast: Arshdeep Purba, Bushra Ansari, Arkinder Kandola, Balinder Johal, BK Singh
Composer: Raj Ramayya