Revenge of the Black Best Friend

Canada | 11 min | World Premiere | English

Revenge of the Black Best Friend is a six episode satirical comedy series that follows Dr. Toni Shakur, a woman with a mission. Whether it is through her award-winning daytime talk show or her best-selling books, her sold out retreats or her keynote speeches she has a consistent message for the film and television industry: the time for creating one-dimensional, stereotyped Black characters has come and gone.

According to Toni, Black actors are no longer available to provide your comic relief, deliver cool points to your bland lead, or check off diversity boxes for your performative quotas. In Revenge of the Black Best Friend, we consider the question: what happens when your social justice mission becomes your (very profitable) brand?

Director: Ian Keteku, Jerome Kruin, Thyrone Tommy
Producer: Mercedes Grundy, Julian De Zotti, Amanda Parris
Executive Producer: Amanda Parris, Jonas Diamond, Julian De Zotti, Motion
Writer: Amanda Parris, Motion, Keavy Lynch, Seneca Aaron
Editor: Sonia Godding, Thom Smalley, Sam Thomson
Cinematographer: Lester Millado
Cast: Oluniké Adeliyi, Andrea Lewis, Aiza Ntibarikure, Crystal Rose, Caitlin McKeon, Julian De Zotti, Ashton James, Jenny Young, Chelsea Russell
Composer: Alex Khaskin