The Big Idea: Last Mile

USA | Unscripted | 22 min | Colorado Premiere | English, French | English Subtitles

What does it truly take to invent something that changes the world? When cryogenics expert Kitty Liao discovers that half of the world’s vaccines get spoiled during their last mile of delivery, she decides to dedicate her life to creating a solution. Liao embarks on her own arduous journey as she attempts to get her life-saving invention into the hands of the people who need it most.

Director: Sarah Klein, Tom Mason
Producer: Sarah Klein, Heather Martino
Executive Producer: Angela Matusik, Alex Amouyel, Hala Hanna
Editor: Tom Mason, Jessica Gidal
Cinematographer: Tom Mason, Nyasha Kadandara
Cast: Kitty Liao