The Empty Chair

USA | Drama | 23 min | World Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

A mother learns the truth about her daughter’s murder when a serial killer is finally caught.

Director: Andrew Shebay
Producer: Andrew Shebay, John Semander
Executive Producer: Robyn Lively, Jeff Rushing, Orestes Germanides, Maria Semander Crawford, JoAnna Semander Nicolaou, John Semander
Writer: John Semander
Editor: Gavin Tatro
Cinematographer: Josh Pickering
Cast: Robyn Lively, Chris Mulkey, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Todd Allen, Tommy G. Kendrick, Jordyn DiNatale, Abigail Haley, Gavin Warren, Olivia Tovar
Composer: Carson Aune