Who’s Annie?

USA | Comedy | 31 min | Colorado Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

Who’s Annie? is a comedy series about and starring Annie Pisapia, a New Yorker in her 50s who is out of prison now and ready to become a famous actor. Annie gets cast in background roles on big shows, but never gets a line until she meets Sophia, a young, down-on-her-luck, director, at a Burger King. Sophia creates a series about Annie, that includes scenes where they reenact the creation of the series. They fight the odds, and each other, in their frenzied attempts to navigate the film industry. There’s theft, money laundering, injuries, betrayals and misunderstandings as they try to make a TV show, but along the way this unlikely relationship brings Annie and Sophia closer to their dreams than ever before.

Director: Sophia Peer
Producer: Producer: Manon Carrié Producers: Heather Brown, Kari Dexter, Samin Pogoff Associate Producers: Daisy Borders, Dulce Lamarca
Executive Producer: Ryan Cunningham, Troy Thompson, Randy Stulberg
Writer: Sophia Peer, Annie Sicherman
Editor: Matt Posey
Cinematographer: Adam Uhl
Cast: Annie Pisapia, Sofia Dobrushin, Lily Marotta, Milly Tamarez, Neal Medlyn, Maria Milian, Constance Cooper, Terry Fierro, Grace McCabe, Nick Pinkerton, Tom McCaffrey
Composer: Christopher Keyes