Posted time 2023/01/11 Location Denver Job type Contract, Guest Services, Transportation


  • Full-Time Role (part time to start)
  • Denver-based position
  • Festival experience required
  • Film Festival experience preferred
  • Proactive in action and communication
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to support the expected “customer service” level delivered by SeriesFest in support of our creators, guests and attendees
  • Database competence desired. Airtable a plus

Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited toย  the following:

  • Work cooperatively with all appropriate SF departments including, but not limited to Guest Relations, Programming, PR and Operations to ensure that the lines of communication are open, needs are clear, and plans are setย 
  • Review past systems and envision how to build upon past success in conjunction with COO and Guest Relations Department. Establish systems and protocols specific to Transportation Department
  • Work with AirTable database to cull and organize data
  • Manage and work within the budget for the department. Track all expenses and document the use of festival petty cash with accuracy
  • Work with COO and CEO to determine where and when transportation is needed and how it will be administered i.e. volunteer drivers, vans, shuttles, car service etc. Transpo Department responsibilities include providing transportation to and from the airport, the venues and select receptionsย 
  • Determine the number of vehicles needed, negotiate rental, and thoroughly review all contracts
  • Work with transportation companies as needed to secure scheduled/paid transportation. Negotiate pricing and thoroughly review all agreements.
  • Establish shuttle plans and schedules
  • Scout all needed meters to be bagged and execute plans in accordance with festival program dates
  • Determine the need for and hire assistant for during the festival. Set goals and manage
  • Create documentation detailing all rules and procedures for volunteers as well as volunteer driver paperwork
  • Work with Volunteer Department to engage volunteersย 
  • Declare needs for Lyft codes (or the like) to supplement transportation services
  • Set up gas station relationship to streamline fuel needs
  • Work with COO to set forth plans for the transportation headquarters (if deemed necessary). Once set, determine all needed supplies
  • Communicate with guests as needed on their transportation schedules and needs in conjunction with Guest Relations department
  • Ensure all data/materials are properly dispositioned post event
  • Ensure that our high festival standards and the expectations of our guests are met in advance, during and after the festival concludes.
  • Like all SeriesFest staffers, work in support of individuals, departments and the overall organization in the pursuit of success

Dates & Pay

  • Role begins part-time at the end of February and builds to full-time in April through the festival, May 5-10 (plus close-out)
  • 5K plus experience