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Adventure Capital

Independent Pilot Competition

United States | Comedy | 23m |


Independent Pilot Competition

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Independent Pilot Competition



When Hale Hill, a young, exceptional capitalist, gets fired from his cushy Wall Street job for his dubious trading practices, his finances and reputation are thrown into jeopardy. Having realized that the conventional pillars of capitalism are crumbling at the feet of the new era of startups and the sharing economy, Hale decides not to seek employment with a new firm but instead is inspired to forge his own path. His latest venture: swindling a group of self-proclaimed nerds who play Squimig, an imaginative amateur sport which draws inspiration from the popular “World of Warlox” fantasy novel series. Hale sees a potential gold mine. On the road to “legitimizing” Squimig as a professional sport, Hale and his equally sharky business partner Rose have to navigate the complexities of nerd culture. Can they keep team Warlox in line? Can they hope to stay unattached from these endearing fanboys and fangirls? Or will they manage to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and run with the profits? Adventure Capital is a subtle comedy that mines its humor by pitting two disparate worlds, each with its own assets and liabilities, against each other in a fun and compelling narrative. 


Jake D. Williamson & Britt Chandler Johnson


Everett Glovier & Zach Myers


Jake D. Williamson & Britt Chandler Johnson


Jake D. Williamson


Jake D. Williamson, Britt Chandler Johnson, & Katie Wieland

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