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Dope State

United States | 22m


Saturday, June 23 6:30pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS

Sunday, June 24 8:15pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS


Dope State is a mocku-comedy that chronicles a modern day gold rush, a civil rights movement and, potentially, the end of a prohibition. From stoner celebrities to politicians and corrupt cops, a marijuana journalist documents the daily life of producers, distributors, and consumers in the California weed industry. We witness the downfall of the old school “mom and pop” marijuana gardens and the rise of Silicon Valley-backed mega-grows. Startup entrepreneurs compete in the marketplace with products like THC lube, stoner apps, super strains, and Bluetooth enabled bongs. We meet the faces behind major political campaigns that smear or bolster a slew of legislation as well as the grassroots rebels who radicalize in the streets in support of legalization. From the mind of comedic tour-de-force Gabriel Sunday (who stars as all of the lead characters), Dope State is a dreamy, absurd love letter to pot culture. 


Gabriel Sunday


Gabriel Sunday & Casey Rup


Gabriel Sunday, Michael Garcia, Russell Levine, Sophia Dilley, Dino Stamatopoulos, Casey Rup, Simon Ore


Gabriel Sunday & Max Kopelowicz


Gabriel Sunday, Dan Harmon, The Lucas Brothers, Mel Shimkovitz, Adrian Grenier, Jay Johnston, Sam Jay, Dynasty Handbag, Cory Loykasek, Andy Dick, Alexi Wasser, Dana Snyder, Mickey O'Hagan, Brandon Wardell, Ron Lynch

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