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Hug It Out

United States | Comedy | 14m 20s


Tuesday, June 26 2:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


The “snuggle is real” in Hug It Out, a digital comedy series following thirty-something Gwen, recently-divorced, broke AF and riddled with intimacy issues, who becomes an unlikely professional snuggler to make ends meet.  

Yes, professional snuggling is a “real thing” – Gwen finds out from her old friend Oscar, a charming, mostly benign, jack-of-all-trades who offers her the gig, and so Gwen takes a reluctant but deep dive into this weird, hilarious world.

The series is semi-anthology with Gwen meeting a different client each episode. It takes place in LA, primarily in the residences belonging to those clients – a hilltop hippie cabin; a posh, midcentury home; a typical 20-something’s (overpriced) LA apartment; a seedy motel; or the pillow fort at her favorite client’s pad. In her comic, flawed way, Gwen navigates the vulnerable reality of having to connect with these strangers, including a young, disillusioned war vet; an agoraphobic furry; a depressed, religious wife and mother; and a recovering nudist.

Each episode is connected by a piece of Gwen’s personal story, the series’ main through-line, as she is forced to confront her own self-induced isolation from her friends and family. Sometimes it is her well-meaning but overzealous mother, from whom she hides her snuggling gig; or the estranged best friend, Cori, who suddenly reappears in her life with an axe to grind; or an architect named Nick with whom Gwen might have chemistry – if she can stop herself from sabotaging it.

Gwen is hoping to be the proverbial “late bloomer” who finally blooms. The clients she meets along the way – unique, diverse in age, race, gender, and sexual orientation – are joined by their mutual need for some “sweet fucking hugs,” as Gwen would say. The series explores with heart and humor our intrinsic need for connection and compassion; the lengths people go to in order to find it; and how sometimes the best solution is to just “hug it out”. 


Kincaid Walker


Jason Eksuzian


Jason Eksuzian & Kincaid Walker


Kincaid Walker


Kincaid Walker, Parvesh Cheena, & Jeff Torres

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