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Student Education

Creating tomorrow’s storytellers today. SeriesFest year-round education initiatives reach students across the country from primary school to university, discovering and celebrating the unique voice inside each student. Through diverse programs, focused curriculum, and national competitions, SeriesFest is shaping the next generation of storytellers, content creators, network executives, and audiences.

Check out our independent pilot competitions, scriptwriting competitions and professional development programs for additional opportunities to cultivate your episodic storytelling craft.

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Mobile Cinema Lab

SeriesFest's Mobile Cinema Lab brings film and television education programs into schools across Colorado. The program features full cinema packages, with instruction by professional filmmakers and educators, and a fully developed curriculum in writing, production, post-production and more. While the education mission of SeriesFest is to inspire the voice inside every student, the Mobile Cinema Lab brings real-world film and episodic storytelling technology to all schools in an effort to break down the barriers that limit access for students in under-resourced communities.

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Pilot Academy

SeriesFest is bringing back its popular TV Pilot Academy for middle and high school students in summer 2022! For three weeks students will work as a team to create an original independent TV pilot through a writers room, full on-location production and a post production workshop. Following the creation, the original pilot will screen publicly as part of SeriesFest.

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Collegiate Fellows

SeriesFest invites undergraduate students from across the country to apply to attend the festival as a Collegiate Fellow.

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Virtual Learning Lab

SeriesFest brings virtual education directly to students, wherever they are. SeriesFest seeks to engage students in thought-provoking and meaningful ways through access to content, strategies for self expression and opportunities to connect with other students through storytelling.

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Young Storytellers

SeriesFest is bringing the award-winning Young Storytellers Script To Stage program to Denver. This is a free program for Denver-area elementary schools focused on encouraging the unique and individual voices of fifth-grade students in the Metro Area. Young Storytellers engages creativity through the art of storytelling. Using the timeless techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance, we provide public school students with an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life.

Applications are currently closed. More details on the next cycle coming soon!

SeriesFest University

SeriesFest's University hub for all competitions, programs and opportunities

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