Day Players

Canada | Comedy | 12m | World Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

Six egomaniacal acting hopefuls compete to win the favour of their acting coach in an escalating series of bizarre class assignments.

Creator: Farid Yazdani
Director: Aref Mahabadi
Producer: Farid Yazdani, Ali Mashayekhi
Executive Producer: Farid Yazdani, Aref Mahabadi, Chris D'Alessandro
Writer: Chris D'Alessandro, Terry Erickson, Jessica Latimer, Michelle Whittemore
Editor: Aref Mahabadi
Cinematographer: Aref Mahabadi
Cast: Farid Yazdani, Ashley Leggat, Brock Morgan, Nicolette Pearse, Alex Bird, Aisha Evelyna, Patrick McKenna