Girls Aren’t Funny

United States | Comedy | 21m | Colorado Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

Created and directed by Jasia Ka, GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY is a ground-breaking drama-comedy series that interweaves the hilarious, powerful stories of three incredible young women and non-binary comedians in NYC as they take on the male-dominated comedy industry. The series is based on real experiences and features an all star cast of real-life comedians. The pilot episode introduces Amamah as she attempts to balance her blossoming comedy career and her conservative Muslim Pakistani family’s expectations back at home on Long Island. 

Creator: Jasia Ka
Director: Jasia Ka
Producer: Jasia Ka, Lou Wang Holborn, Raynita Vaughn
Executive Producer: Kecia Elan Cole, Kuye Youngblood, BRIC-TV, Jasia Ka
Writer: Jasia Ka, Amamah Sardar
Editor: Jasia Ka
Cinematographer: Lauren Pruitt
Cast: Amamah Sardar, Zubi Ahmed, Sadhana Singhal, Farooq Hussain, Usama Siddiquee, Caleb Eberhardt, Kelly Bachman, Dan Yang, Liza Dye
Composer: Theme Song: Sulene