Good Guy with a Pun

United States | Comedy | 23m | World Premiere | English

A former child star, who clings to fame by broadcasting his life on Instagram, lands a chance to revive his 90s sitcom after foiling a mass shooting.

Creator: Dmitry Milkin, Julius Thomas III
Director: Dmitry Milkin
Producer: Dmitry Milkin, Julius Thomas III, Shannon Taylor, Trevor Henley
Executive Producer: Geneva Wasserman, Victor Talbot, Aline Aghababian
Writer: Dmitry Milkin
Editor: Dmitry Milkin
Cinematographer: Duncan Clark
Cast: Julius Thomas III, Arielle Kebbel, Zani Jones Mbayise, Pamela Shaw, Terrell Butler, Sasha Feldman, Grant Rosenmeyer, Margaret Cho
Composer: Alonso Malik Pirio