United States | Drama | 39m | World Premiere | English

In small town rural Montana, a deputy sheriff named Heebuck addresses day to day reports from the dispatch blotter, introducing several characters to the screen. All the while, his mind is set on investigating the disappearance of a girl from the Hungry Horse Reservoir. His first suspect is a man who only responds to the name “Juicebox”, whose drug addictions and crazed personality allude to a guilty verdict. With his entertaining work life occupying most of the day, Heebuck must now face the greatest challenge of all: the first date.

Creator: Michael Polish
Director: Michael Polish
Producer: Michael Polish, Travis Bruyer, Angela Martino, Joe Berardi
Executive Producer: Michael Polish, Travis Bruyer
Writer: Michael Polish, Mark Polish
Editor: Paul Buhl
Cinematographer: Michael Polish, Gabe Grende
Cast: Travis Bruyer, Mary Riitano, Adam Pitman, Jeff Medley, Melanie Wendt, Leon Stiffarm, Tim Dudley