United States | Comedy | Colorado Premiere | 14m | English

Dr. Magdalena “Maggie” L’Amour is a Love Bug and highly sought-after “sex therapist” who navigates her love life through a society driven by sex, which is rife with wicked rituals, disturbing behaviors, and carelessness. But in the midst of it all, Maggie manages to find humor in the absurdity of her surroundings. Along with her tight-knit group of friends, she works to navigate the complexities of love and life in this hilarious and sex-filled world.

Creator: Mark Polish, Lumo
Director: Mark Polish
Producer: Logan Polish, Mark Polish, Lumo
Writer: Mark Polish
Editor: Lumo
Cast: Meagan Holder, Isabel Arraiza, David Del Rio, Daniel Davila, Logan Polish, Bailey Edwards, Cyrus Arnold
Composer: Cory Chisel