Larry in the Sky with Diamonds

United States | Comedy | 24m | Colorado Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

When Matt, a suddenly divorced and unemployed schlub of a gay man, overdoses on psychedelics, he reconnects with his late Uncle Larry, who died of AIDS in the ’90s — possibly the only person who can get Matt’s life back on track.

Creator: Peter S. Kim, David Sonnenborn
Director: David Sonnenborn
Producer: Lauren C. Brooks, Clement Chan, Wei Chen, Brent Hagata, Jeremy Klavens, Katy Palfrey
Executive Producer: Peter S. Kim, Aaron Klemanski, Rex Lee, David Sonnenborn
Writer: Peter S. Kim, David Sonnenborn
Editor: Jeremy Klavens
Cinematographer: Hana Kitasei
Cast: Peter S. Kim, Rex Lee, Franqi French, Sterling Jones, Harry Hart-Browne, May Lee, Andre Hotchko, Elaine Rivkin, William Shin, Esther Moon, Scot Shamblin, Elim Uraimov
Composer: Rostam Batmanglij