United States | Drama | 16m | Colorado Premiere | English | English Closed Captions

In the shadow of America’s economic ruin and collapse, Neo-Dome follows a group of survivors on their quest to a utopian Dome, navigating post-apocalyptic dangers and the elusive promise of a better life.

Creator: Matt Pfeffer, Mark Pfeffer
Director: Bonnie Discepolo
Producer: Anna Camp, Michael Johnson, Matt Pfeffer, Mark Pfeffer, Valerie Steinberg
Executive Producer: Carson Nyquist, Dan Duncan, Matt Pfeffer, Mark Pfeffer, Trey Terpeluk, Steve Cundari, Roman Grimaldi
Writer: Matt Pfeffer
Editor: Mark Pfeffer
Cinematographer: Carson Nyquist
Cast: Anna Camp, Michael Mosley, Nicholas Logan, Anthony Discepolo
Composer: Michael Johnson, Chad Schlosser