United States | Drama | 32m | World Premiere | English |

After the abduction of one friend and the mysterious death of another years later… A young woman, with a nose for trouble, digs for the truth, exposing town secrets and the true target of a killers revenge – Her own father.

Creator: Audrey Hope, Dylan Powers, R. Keith Harris, Tonya Bredamus
Director: R. Keith Harris
Producer: R. Keith Harris, Lovinder Gill, Jenna Cusack
Executive Producer: Tonya Beaumire
Writer: R. Keith Harris
Editor: Aaron Putnam
Cinematographer: James Suttles
Cast: Rob Trevelier, Audrey Hope, Brian LaFontaine, Lee Spencer, R. Keith Harris, Brady Hepner, Luna Riveria, Enya Flack
Composer: Thibaut Falgairette