The Haunting of Trisha Lozada

THE HAUNTING OF TRISHA LOZADA is a half-hour supernatural comedy series that follows 16-year-old Trisha Lozada as she enters the winter semester of junior year. Anxious, angry, and apathetic all at once, Trisha is hellbent on a sense of normalcy and raising her social status returning to school… it’s too bad the ghost of her overbearing Filipino-immigrant mother, Marian Lozada, is haunting her every step. Now, Trisha must deal with Marian’s unwanted opinions on everything, from her plummeting grades to her social status and an unexpected crush on the new girl, Casey. They may butt heads at every turn, but together, Trisha and Marian must help each other move on – both spiritually and emotionally.

Producer: Malachi Ellis
Writer: Robyn Matuto