USA | Comedy

LEAH, a plus-size, Muslim influencer goes live on social media after storming out of her bestie’s surprise party. She’s had enough of fake ass influencers and people always mistaking her for Lizzo! Not all fat people look alike…
She speaks: “What do you do when the internet turns on the real you?”
Leah has worked hard to get to where she is in the industry, but trendy Gen Z TikTokers and chauvinist male podcasters are all the rave now, which means less work for her. She didn’t think that in her mid-30’s she’d have to reinvent herself to fit the mold of society’s beauty standards.
After not working for a while, Leah finally catches a break and books a huge gig. Unfortunately, she finds out that herarch-nemesis IRL and online who’s much skinnier, younger, and uses social justice issues for clout, is getting paid way more than she is.
Simultaneously, Leah’s love life is spiraling. She chases after a bad boy with nice teeth and a full beard who dogs women online instead of giving the “nice” guy in her life whose crushing on her a fighting chance.
At the end of the series, Leah is forced to remove the chains that social media validation has on her. She has no choice but to find out what life looks like outside of the shares, the glamorous parties, and photoshoots.
Throughout the series, Leah and her besties encounter fatphobia, colorism, religious freedom of speech, and queer identity matters.

Writer: Leah Vernon