United States | Comedy | 26m | World Premiere | English

From Kit Williamson, creator of the Emmy-winning series EASTSIDERS on Netflix, UNCONVENTIONAL follows two eccentric, queer siblings and their significant others as they try to start an unconventional family, try to stay sane in an unstable world and, most importantly, try to hold onto the bonds they share.

Creator: Kit Williamson
Director: Kit Williamson, Miranda Bailey, James Bland, Brea Grant
Producer: James Bland
Executive Producer: Miranda Bailey, Madison McKinley, Jason Beck, Christopher Miller, H. Shen, Erwin More, Ed Ruttenberg, Larissa James
Writer: Kit Williamson, James Bland, Chad Callaghan, Brea Grant, Larissa James
Editor: Larissa James, Kyle Boston, August Marcilliat
Cinematographer: Robert M. Edgecomb, Janine Sides
Cast: Kit Williamson, James Bland, Kathy Griffin, Aubrey Shea, Briana Venskus, Willam Belli, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Laith Ashley, and James Urbaniak
Composer: Craig Richey