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Pitch-a-thon! Roadshow

Independent content creators will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive live pitch session with top television, new media and digital execs in hopes of moving their projects - and careers - forward.

Why Oklahoma?

Located just south of the geographic center of the United States, Oklahoma is equidistant from Los Angeles and New York City. Across its 77 counties, you’ll have access to 12 distinct eco-regions where you can experience everything from trademark Great Plains and sweeping prairies to the unexpected lush forest, expansive plateaus and sand dunes.

How It Works:

Writers submit to participate in this unique opportunity and 4-5 writers are selected to pitch their new series ideas to a panel of industry experts, curated by SeriesFest. Once selected to pitch, writers receive coaching from Working Artist Group to refine their pitch as well as a SeriesFest alumni mentor for one-on-one feedback before the event. All writers will get to watch the pitches and feedback live, providing an exciting educational opportunity for everyone.

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Key Dates and Fees

Dec 18, 2020
Feb 05, 2021
Standard $25 $40
Student $20 $25
Fees are paid through the submission process.

Entry Materials

Pitch Criteria
Projects must include one (1) or more of the following elements:

  • Script setting in Oklahoma. If the script setting is NOT in Oklahoma, the project must be able to film in the state with pitchers incorporating why and how their project could utilize Oklahoma’s variety of locations and landscapes in production (see “Resources” for more information including specific sites from Oklahoma Locations Directory).
  • The script is about a notable Oklahoman with subsequent information (biography/one-sheet) provided about the subject.
  • Pitch participants are from Oklahoma or former Oklahoma residents.
  • Oklahoma talent is cast in leading roles with examples provided.
  • Oklahoma music/musicians are featured in the project with examples provided.
  • Oklahoma Locations Directory proudly showcases thousands of potential sites available for film and television production throughout the state.
  • View the Oklahoma Look book to find additional information on Oklahoma’s film and television industry.
  • For more information on Oklahoma’s film infrastructure, workforce and other resources, visit okfilmmusic.org

Submission Video
3-5 minute video submission of creator(s) pitching their project

Series Format Deck
Must also include a Series Format Deck to be uploaded to the application page under “Files & Attachments”. The Series Format Deck is a 2-15 page document that includes a logline, series regular and recurring character descriptions, and Season One story arch or future episode descriptions.

Pilot Script

Entry Fee

Please note, entry materials will not be returned.

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