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SeriesFest: Season 6 Competition Lineup & Jury Announced

May 21, 2020

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For the past five years, SeriesFest has culminated each June in a highly-curated and celebrated Denver-based episodic festival and marketplace with in-theater pilot screenings, an evening of music and television at the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre, live reads, panel discussions, workshops, parties and more…all in-person. 

This year, we're reimagining the festival experience. 

Join us for the virtual festival you never knew you always wanted;

Where the parties come to you and drinks are always on the house;

Where you get VIP seating and never wait in lines;

Where phones are never "put on silent" and commentary is encouraged;

Where panelists join you for dinner and celebrities hangout for happy hour;

Where discovery is possible and dreams are carried out.  

This year, fest differently.

The six-day must-stream virtual event lineup includes competition screenings, engaging panel discussions, one-of-a-kind workshops, as well as never-before-seen sneak peeks and television premieres. Passes to SeriesFest: Season 6 including all screenings, panels, network premieres, and special events are now on sale. Buy your early bird discounted price today before prices increase on June 3, 2020. 

“It’s incredible to see how the Pilot Competition has grown over the years. It is the heart and soul of the festival. We are thrilled and inspired with the quality of work and imaginative voices in this year’s captivating selections.” - Randi Kleiner, Founder and CEO of SeriesFest

Our prestigious international pilot competition continues with 60 titles from creative voices from all over the world, vying for the top prize in the categories of “Independent Pilot: Drama,” “Independent Pilot: Comedy,” “Independent Pilot: Unscripted,” “Digital Short Series” presented by Fullscreen, “Late Night,” “Pitch-A-Thon” and “Collegiate Creator Spotlight.” Many of these original pieces feature award-winning talent, including: Adrian Grenier, Chiké Okonkwo, Chris Parnell, Dylan Baker, Ilana Glazer, Joel McHale, Kel Mitchell, Michael Michelle, Adam Ray, Mindy Sterling, Paul Scheer, Thomas Lennon, Rhea Seehorn, Rick Overton, and more.

Pilot details are listed below. Visit our Virtual Program Guide to start planning out your festival playlist. 


An esteemed assortment of jurors from various sectors of the entertainment industry, including award-winning actors, producers, production executives, and media are tasked with determining the best of the best. The Independent Pilot Competition jury members include:

Unscripted: Ryan Harrington (VP of Documentary Films, National Geographic), Andy Singer (EVP TV & Digital Content, Alkemy X), Lynn Sadofsky (SVP, Programming and Development, Food Network),Travis Tammero (Agent, Media Finance, Creative Artists Agency), and Katie Neff (SVP of Development, High Noon Entertainment).

Drama: Riva Marker (President, Nine Stories), Susan Lewis (Senior Vice President of Original Programming, Starz), Ben Travers (Deputy Editor & TV Critic, IndieWire), Miriam Mintz (VP of TV, Likely Story), Beau Swayze (Manager, Management 360), Michael Callas (Creative Executive, Fuqua Films)  Isabel San Vargas (President of Production & Operations, Propagate Content), and Katie Cates (TV Literary Agent, ICM Partners).

Comedy: Katie Lowes (actress), Adam Shapiro (actor), Evan Shapiro (President, National Lampoon), Garret Martin (Senior Editor, Paste Magazine), Allison Wasserman (Manager in Original Programming, HBO), Jackie Sosa (VP of Development, Chelsea Handler Productions), Dade Hayes (New York Business Editor, Deadline), and Tamir Muhammad (CEO, Populace Productions).

Late Night: Anna Roberts (SVP Distributions & Acquisitions, Nacelle Company), Sam Zimmerman (Director of Programming, Shudder), Laura Prudom (Editorial Manager, IGN), and Danielle Kreinik (Director of Television Development, Ubisoft).

Digital Short Series (presented by Fullscreen): Brian Newman (Founder, Sub-Genre), Daryn Carp (Host, PeopleTVs Reality Check), Rob Yang (actor), Kuye Youngblood (Head of Development and Production, BRIC TV),  Krystal Hauserman (VP, Marketing & Communications, Fullscreen) and Liz Shannon Miller (Senior TV Editor, Collider).



Creator: Christopher Au 

Cast: Jessika Van, Feodor Chin, Lanny Joon, Teddy Larsen, Chris King Wong, Chris Elsenbroek, and Jonathan P. Sims

USA, 25m

In the high-intensity world of mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs, a young female investment banker (Jessika Van, CBS’s Rush Hour) confronts the patriarchy in the frat house of Wall Street. This ensemble dramedy finds humor in high-stress situations at the office, as it explores the costs of climbing the corporate ladder. 

Couples Therapy WORLD PREMIERE

Creator: Michaela Zannou

Cast: Michaela Zannou, Ryan Metcalf, Manni L. Perez, and Ashley Weismantel

USA, 16m

Natalia, a successful couples therapist, treats neurotic New York couples while her own marriage is falling apart and she can't seem to be able to follow her own advice.

Embarrassing Parents Anonymous COLORADO PREMIERE

Creators: Josh Anderson and James Kwong

Cast: Ben Wood, Cliona Colgan, Caroline Brazier, Sora Wakaki, Taylor Ferguson, Jane Watt, and Sasha Rose

Australia, 18m 

When the embarrassing antics of a newly single dad get out of control, his eleven year old daughter joins a clandestine support group for kids like her: Embarrassing Parents Anonymous.


Creators: Jessica Kaye, Steven Klein, and Kelsey Ledgin

Cast: Jessica Kaye, Steven Klein, Emily James, Reza Sixo Safai, and Iman Nazemzadeh

USA, 24m

Everyone Together, a comedy series, follows two dysfunctional families from different cultural backgrounds as they clash and bond over a new major family milestone each season. 

Generation Por que? WORLD  PREMIERE

Creator: Jacqueline Pereda

Cast: Andréa Burns, Jacqueline Pereda, Sandor Juan, Amel Khalil, Melvin Lima, Guyviad Joseph, Manny Ureña, and Jared Johnston

USA, 30m

A coming of age comedy that follows Jackie Perez, a first-generation woman pursuing her acting dreams in New York City while enduring her very Cuban parents...who voted for Trump and live in New Jersey. She can chase her dreams, but she can't outrun her family.


Creators: Michael Fry and Ashley Tribble

Cast: Ashley Tribble, Michael Fry, Elyakeem Avraham, Jaron Bellar, Jeri Marshall, Robyn Coffin, Victor Holstein, Jeff Parker, Matthew Elam, and Eunji Kim

USA, 21m 

On Earth, Tayla, a black, queer, fashion intern, is no stranger to being an outsider. But when her deadbeat father shows up after 20 years, strange things start happening and she quickly learns the nature of her true identity is not of this world.


Creators: Erica Bardin and Susan Graham

Cast: Erica Bardin, Brittany Ishibashi, Susan Graham, Chris Mulkey, Joan Severance, and Ben Wickham

USA, 26m 

Shepherds is a dramedy following Madison Shepherds, an ambitious researcher grappling with an identity crisis after losing her job. Her transition from legal opioid researcher to illegal psychedelic drug dealer is set against the backdrop of political conflict between big pharma, the psychedelic research community and her own family.


Creator: Adam Ray

Cast: Adam Ray, Thomas Lennon, Joel McHale, Ron Funches, David Koechner, Carlie Craig, Gino Columbo, Carolyn Cox, Amanda Bennett, and Mark Serritella

USA, 26m 

Comedian Adam Ray dons Oscar-worthy make-up & prosthetic & explores the lives of three lonely hearts trying to make it in LA. One part Portlandia/two parts Curb, this half hour comedy will explore the off- beaten path of Hollywood hopefuls in the strange world of the desperate and deprived.

We’re Not Together WORLD PREMIERE

Creators: Sarah Peterson and Alan Starzinski

Cast: Sarah Peterson, Alan Starzinski, Eli Kaplan, Chris Grace, Sai Lang, Miles Bonsignore, and Dennis Weiss

USA, 27m 

In college Alan and Sarah were frenemies with benefits. Now they're frenemies raising an adorable 7-year-old accident. There's just one thing missing...the benefits. It's a little tricky to catch a fish in the sea of love when your bait is one giant red flag.


Creator: Zane McWilliams

Cast: Joel Johnstone , Max Baumgarten , David Amito, Penelope Gazin, Sean-Michael Bowles, and  Katie Jean Hollowell

USA, 22m

A crew of D&D players lives are thrown into disorder when new members disrupt the ranks. Watch as they navigate off-beat, increasingly outrageous and relatable day to day adventures. If life is a game, these guys suck.



Creator: Michael Goitanich

Cast: Alison Jaye, Bern Cohen, Melissa Weisz, Julie Fain Lawrence, Joshua Rivera, Alex Offenkrantz, and Jonathan O'Reilly

Canada, 17m 

After the disappearance of her father and the return of her estranged uncle, a curious young Hasidic woman living in Borough Park, Brooklyn, discovers a dark family secret.


Creators: Max Pitagno and Elias Plagianos

Cast: Abigail Hawk, Chiké Okonkwo, and Tara Westwood

USA, 18m 

Set in 1918 - Distemper tells the true story of pathologist and LGBT icon Louise Pearce as she works to find a cure for African Trypanosomiasis as it infects millions across the Belgian Congo.


Creators: Aidan Largey and PJ Hart

Cast: Shaun Blaney

UK, 19m 

Eamon, a vulnerable and desperate bicycle courier, turns to a radical trade union for financial and emotional support, but soon finds himself being groomed as a member of a Robin Hood style gang that steals from the rich and gives to themselves.


Creator: Lauren McCann

Cast: Lauren McCann, Jack Mulcahy, and David Sitler

USA, 20m

A hard-up-single-mother and former boxer, is lured by the Irish mob into an underground boxing match where questions of right and wrong are challenged when the love of family is concerned. 


Creator: Rob Margolies

Cast: Dylan Baker, Lindsay Mushett

USA, 25m

A high school track star comes clean about sexual misconduct with her coach, but the teacher she confesses to may have ulterior motives of his own.


Creators: Wendy Roderweiss and Michael O'Brien

Cast: Josh Bywater, Adam Wesley Brown, David Pasquesi, John Lister, Marika Engelhardt, Leslie Murphy, Ty Olwin, Rose Sengenberger, Janelle Snow, Ronald L. Conner, Dana Black, Sean Parris, and Aja Wiltshire

USA, 38m 

When a foolish mistake leaves altruistic Tommy Laudadio desperate for employment, he must descend into the Inferno: a distinctly unethical firm of divorce lawyers.  In this black comedy, Tommy’s fundamental resolve to do right collides with the tragicomic absurdity of corrupt attorneys, unbalanced clients, and a catastrophically broken family-law system.


Creator: Brando Benetton

Cast: Dylan Baker, Lorenzo Pisoni, Becky Ann Baker, and Bradley Stryker

USA, 43m 

After being wrongfully accused of treason, a resourceful CIA agent goes rogue, navigating Europe to expose the corrupted system that hired him and prevent a threat that could unravel the security of all nations.


Creator: Raleigh Cain

Cast: Raleigh Cain, Pete Gardner, Holly Gagnier, Allie Jennings, Joseph Stromberg, Peter Murphy, Sara Silva, Laurie Cummings, Dani Payne, Michelle Roselle, and Blaine Kirk

USA, 25m 

When Jayne, a pregnant kindergarten teacher in the middle of her own affair, discovers the man who raised her isn't her father, the story of her life begins to quickly unravel.


Creators: Jeremy Merrifield and Dave Testa

Cast: Jonah Beres, Paul Scheer, Jaylin Ogle, and Carson Severson

USA, 19m 

For fourteen-year-old Sam, surviving the brutal battlefield of junior high means staying below radar. But that becomes impossible after he becomes the target of a viral video. He’s pressured to “hit back,” but Sam isn’t so sure—even if he does have superpowers.


Creator: Sarah Phillips

Cast: Laetitia Leon, Murtaza Ali, La'Netia D. Taylor, Terrie Dreyfus, Terence Pennywell

USA, 14m 

The year is 2289 and all that’s left on Planet Earth is the domed city of Old Centauri, roaming sun flares that scorch the land, and the nomadic tribes that mitigate the two. Kiirke, a nomad, must travel to the city to make money to save her family.



Creator: Jonathan Legg

Cast: Paige Murtaugh

Cuba, 29m

Host Paige Murtaugh is connecting the world through cuisine. At every location, she learns culturally important dishes from chefs and families. Paige carries this culinary knowledge to her next destination where she cooks the food for the local community.

For The Love of Craft  COLORADO PREMIERE

Creator: Kaleb Kohart

Cast: Jim Koch, Ken Grossman, Kevin Blodger, Larry Bell, and Kim Jordan

USA, 25m

For the Love of Craft is a masterclass in how to pursue your passion and chase your dream. Each episode is a journey into the stories of entrepreneurs who share inside tricks they've learned through years of struggle, the moments of pure luck, and the heart wrenching failure. Beer just happens to be the catalyst.


Creators: Michael Michele and Chris L. Jenkins 

Cast: Christy Wise, Jessica Wise, and  Tom Wise 

USA, 48m 

Mavericks is a six-part docu-series that tells the stories of iconoclastic, modern women whose surprising lives and unexpected choices break the conventions of how women are supposed to live in 21st century America, despite pressures to conform.

On Location with Joe Barlow  WORLD PREMIERE

Creator: Joe Barlow 

Cast: Joe Barlow, Ed Neal

USA, 27m 

The location: one of the most impactful characters in any great film.  Think about it- The Shining would be nothing without one creepy hotel. Can you imagine Ferris Bueller parading down a street anywhere but in Chicago? On Location follows host Joe Barlow’s travels across the world - from the creaky house in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to a sleepy cornfield in Field of Dreams

One Vote at a Time  WORLD PREMIERE

Creators: Sarah Ullman and Mara Tasker

Cast: Jennifer Carroll Foy, Josh Crandell, Sarah Ullman, Mara Tasker, Jessica Pantoja, Olesia Saveleva, Kara Johnson, and Kelsey Norton

USA, 24m 

On a mission to end gun violence, a team of filmmakers called One Vote at a Time travels the nation to make campaign ads for underfunded and overlooked candidates. Through this lens, we gain access to the reshaping of American leadership standing up to say: Enough.


Creators: Sara Newens & Mina T. Son

Cast: N/A

USA, 12m

Racial tensions are reignited as a historically Black neighborhood in Palm Springs continues the decades-long fight for the removal of a wall of trees that many believe were originally planted as a totem of segregation. 


Presented by Fullscreen


Creator: Marcus Folmar 

Cast: Marcus Folmar, John Marshall Jones, Naomi Grossman, Ty Hodges, Reggie Currelley, and Bryan Rainstein

USA, 19m

Wall Street broker turned TV scribe, Bernie Dixon, draws inspiration from the sometimes awkward and often unexpected people and situations that he encounters, while perched in the alley behind his apartment building, observing life and working to create his next great TV idea.


Creator: Roniel Tessler 

Cast: Collette Astle, Ignacyo Matynia, John Battagliese, Jordan Doww, Lia Chang, Valerie Priso, and Carlie Priso

USA, 12m 

Bad Influence is a hilarious web series that follows four social media stars as they figure out WTF they're going to do IRL. Bad Influence exposes the ridiculous, influencer-obsessed culture we've created, while making us realize that sometimes the person we're laughing at is ourselves. It's a show about rebuilding our fabulously flawed lives, and learning to love who we are with #nofilter.


Creators: Nic Collins and Sean Godsey

Cast: Sean Godsey, Paige Klone, Jenny Austin, Deprece Reddick, Aliza Pearl, Cooper Johnson, and Jade Hayward

USA, 8m

Beached follows The Wail, a creature from the deep, who has come to the surface to take away humanity's pain. With genuine and sweet comedy intercut with terrifying creature horror, this series believes that every living creature is special and deserving of love, whether they live on the ocean floor or in an alleyway.


Creator: Casey Skinner

Cast: Casey Skinner, Myq Kaplan, Vanessa Johnston , and  Joshua Adam Meyers

USA, 14m 

Berkowitz is an adult animated sitcom about four self-centered shrinks who help everyone with their flaws, while being completely blind to their own.  Centered around Dr. Norman Berkowitz, a talented, yet neurotic therapist, who takes the petty annoyances of everyday life and blows them completely out of proportion. 


Creator: Nora Kirkpatrick

Cast: Beth Grant, Erinn Hayes, Noureen DeWulf, Barry Rothbart, Jen Tullock, and Nico Santos

USA, 14m 

Welcome to BSTV, a third-tier 24-hour home shopping network that aims to rival home shopping giants like QVC or HSN. For thirty-five years, Marla “Sugar” Silver has been the unrivaled queen of the network. But when she is accidentally killed on the air during a hair drying demonstration gone wrong, she leaves in her wake a full-on bidding war for her prime-time slot. Who will come out on top? Will it be Charleese, the very un-pious late-night televangelist? Laurel, the hand-model with the heart of steel? Or Cindy, Marla’s daughter who has spent her entire life cowering in her mother’s shadow? Tune in to find out...


Creator: Bridget Moloney

Cast: Claire Coffee, Mark Webber, Ruha Taslimi, Phoebe Sinclair, George Sinclair, Kristin Slaysman, Trae Harris, Jessica Coulter, Camille Chen, Tara Copeland, Amy French, and Dreama Walker

USA, 11m

In Blocks, a heightened reality domestic anxiety series, we meet Ashleigh, a woman who is consumed by motherhood to the point of sickness--she's spontaneously vomiting toy blocks.


Creators: David Conolly, Hannah Davis Law, Nick Morton

Cast: Rhea Seehorn, Louis Mustillo, David Conolly, Casey Washington, and Kila Kuta

USA, 8m 

Set in the backyard bar Cooper Marino has painstakingly built as a refuge from his failing career, Cooper's Bar follows Cooper and a handful of his regulars on an unlikely path to success as unexpected visitors make the bar an overnight hot spot making Cooper a credible Hollywood commodity.

Dreaming Whilst Black COLORADO PREMIERE

Creator: Adjani Salmon

Cast: Adjani Salmon, Dani Moseley, and Vanessa Vanderpuye

UK, 9m 

Dreaming Whilst Black is a 9-part comedy web series that follows a young, passionate, but naive filmmaker, Kwabena, who struggles to navigate between his dreams and reality.


Creators: GEIL Comedy (Alec Cohen, Mike Cabellon, Adrien Pellerin, Katie Sicking)

Cast: Mike Cabellon, Katie Sicking, Adrien Pellerin, Brian McElhaney, Iman Richardson, Taylor Ortega, Jerah Milligan, and  RJ O'Brien

USA, 5m 

On the way to a distant planet, three less-than-qualified astronauts are awoken 90 years too early and trapped inside their hibernation pods. Alone in the endless void, they can't kill themselves, they can't kill each other, so they'll just have to kill time.


Creator: Maya Albanese

Cast: Adrian Grenier, Nora Zehetner, Chris Parnell, Mindy Sterling, Rick Overton, Kel Mitchell, John Ennis, Jazzmun Crayton, and C.C. Sheffield

USA, 14m 

When Joy’s fairytale romance crashes and burns on the eve of her 35th birthday, the TICK-TOCK of her biological clock induces wild hallucinations and pushes her into romantic misadventures. She warily pursues egg freezing at an offbeat fertility clinic surrounded by an angry mob of wait-listed women. Freeze is a psychological comedy-drama series that explores the conflicts modern, thirty-something women have with their own biology in an era of unparalleled female choice.


Creator: IR Bell-Webb

Cast: Fearn Deacon, Siena Kelly, David Tennant, Jo Martin and Felicity Montagu

UK, 10m 

A young girl is scared to make the first move. But her heart has something to say about it. Literally.


Creator: Javier Devitt

Cast: Alena Chinault, Jon McCormick, Marcelo Melingo, Heinz K. Krattiger, and Juan Alari

Argentina, 10m 

A young American couple travels to Patagonia to search for his father, but as they enter the woods with the help of a local con man, they soon discover that something supernatural is lurking…


Creator: Greg Safel 

Cast: Greg Safel, Michael Naizu, Jeffrey Sun, Bailey Williams, and Mark Gantt

USA, 9m 

In this dark comedy, Greg, a very single, fifty-something gay man, finally discovers the possibility of love. However, when his late blooming music career also takes off, he finds that he is challenged in balancing these two aspects of his life and is instead forced to choose.


Creator: Martijn Winkler

Cast: Roy Kaneza, Mitch Wolterink, Marloes IJpelaar, Pim van Hövell, Valéry van Gorp, and Anouk van Egmond

Netherlands, 13m

SWIPE is a seven-part drama series about the influence and unforeseen consequences of smartphones on the lives of several twenty-somethings, told from the perspective of their phones.


Creators: Misti Boland and Jeremy Osbern

Cast: Alexandra Goodman, Ian Stark, and  Joseph Lee Anderson

USA, 14m

The Square Root is a short form episodic series that explores memory and the small moments that make us who we are. Each chapter focuses on a different character, and each episode takes place during that split second before a character makes the decision that will change their lives forever.


Creator: Jonathan Levy

Cast: Claire Tyers, Nicholas Feitel, Swann Gruenn, Carrie Jane Kim, Wesli Spencer, and Ryan Salvato

USA, 10m 

An offbeat comedy series about an awkward, struggling actor who walks dogs for a living while searching for his big break. When his knack for dogs acquires him a celebrity’s dog as a client the chasm between him and making it seem closer yet so much farther away.


Creators: Andy Miara and Terrance Brown

Cast: Lureena Cornwell, Tim Metzler, AJ McGhee, Brian Jack, Andy Junk, Alice Wu, Glenn Obrero, Dana Quercioli, and Ryan Heywood

USA, 21m 

Set in Chicago's hyper-competitive world of coed recreational company softball, Wheelhouse follows a cross-section of employees who play for Bay Lenders, a team captained by the most popular guy in the office who also happens to be its worst employee.



Creator: Alice Victoria Winslow

Cast: Alice Victoria Winslow

USA, 5m 

It’s the year of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Except, the internet exists, and Puritan Style Guru Sarah Winsley's online channel has made her a New World celebrity. When a panic of evil bedevils the community, Sarah can't be sure what’s ailing her—is she bewitched or is she a witch?


Creator: Jonathan Mayer

Cast: Ilana Glazer, Catherine Cohen, Larry Owens, Ayo Edebiri, Matt Rogers, and Pat Regan

USA, 16m 

Aliens follows different extraterrestrials seeking answers to big questions: What am I doing here? Why does anything exist? And how do you get into that little circle of people saying hi to the host of the party? If you get stuck on the periphery of that circle, forget it.

Colin: The Vegan Zombie WORLD PREMIERE

Creator: Greg Ash 

Cast: Greg Ash, Cammie Scott, Joel Dauten, Brett Maline, Rhys Mitchell, and Stephen Simon

USA, 10m 

Colin Potts is 31, single, and a vegan. He also happens to be a zombie. This revealing documentary gives a unique insight into the hopes, dreams and daily struggles of a zombie who doesn't eat meat.

Revénge à Paris US PREMIERE

Creators: William Lambert, Danny Horn, Nico Franks, Alan Wilyman, Joe Gamble, Jonathan Milshaw, Nathan Comer, and Ben Walker 

Cast: Gabrielle Dempsey, Megan Leigh Mason, William Lambert, Alan Wilyman, Danny Horn, Jonathan Milshaw, Lotte O'Keeffe, Joe Gamble, Nico Franks, and James Finan

UK, 10m 

A British slapstick comedy masquerading as a French crime drama, Revénge à Paris follows a young woman as she swaps the mundanity of working in a café for a new life in the crime-ridden Parisian underworld.


Creator: Ben Bryant 

Cast: Ben Bryant, Geoff Tice, Elena Ingraham, James Pate, Zac Maas and Nathan Lund

USA, 5m 

An absurd send-up of TV teen dramas, the students of Spaghetti High must deal with the hormonal difficulties of growing up, even though they are just as preoccupied with eating spaghetti as they are their own interpersonal drama.


Creator: Brian Bennett

Cast: Brian Bennett, Benjamin Mendelson

USA, 10m   

A perfect sketch comedy show created by Chicagoans containing a scientifically perfect blend of funny, strange, and beautiful. You the viewer will spend the entire show emitting one continuous perfect laugh.


Fighting Time

Creators: Margaret Byrne and Rachel Pikelny

Retired detective, Reynaldo Guevara, stands in firm silence, accused of framing 59 people with murder. Pointing the finger, along with Guevara’s many victims, is a fellow former cop who betrays the blue code of silence, not only implicating Guevara but uncovering systemic corruption in the highest ranks of Chicago law and order.

How Ya Like Me Now

Creator: Craig T. Williams

Based on real life hip hop pioneer Kool Moe Dee who struggles to keep his music relevant with the emergence of a new rival on the scene, LL Cool J.

Managing Life

Creator: Kelly Vroom, Erin Brown Thomas

When wild child, Mary Masters, finds her life in shambles, she moves home to Cleveland to manage her sweet Midwestern parents’ apartment building only to discover they've let some complicated figures from her past move in. Now, Mary is finally trying to manage her life while literally living with her past mistakes.

More Power To You

Creator: Olivia Janicek

A documentary crew follows pompous, washed up Jeremy Johnson, once known as Ultraman, and his legally enforced mentorship of a teenager struggling with his new powers. Sparks will fly --- literally.


Creators: Lauren Shaye Livingston and Maya Cryor

 Three strangers become roommates through unlikely circumstances while living in Los Angeles.


Creator: Serena Dykman

Behind a blur of acrylic tips and nailpolish, ten immigrant workers at Diva Nails juggle eclectic clients, language barriers and their dreams of making it in New York City. But when they begin to uncover the dire effects of their toxic work environment, it leads them on a dangerous path to revenge and murder. They are trying to survive the American Dream, one manicure at a time.

Upstream with Jimmy Dallas

Creators: Shawn Parsons and Andy Stuckey

Years past his bass fishing prime, Jimmy Dallas struggles to keep his fishing show on the air, his family above water, and his legacy intact.


I Put the Bi in Bitter

Creator: Marin Lepore

Cast: Rhema Srihartiti, Rhianna DeVries, Evangelina Kisa, Tracy Medberry, Bodhi Rader, Brian McGee, Leah Keiser, Joshua Hunt, Bren Thor


I Put the Bi in Bitter is a cute and lighthearted comedy that follows this bisexual teenager and her lesbian BFF as they navigate high school, deal with friendship/crushes, and all the other shenanigans and awkward moments that come from being young.


Creator: Jean-Paul Montoulieu

Cast: Jean-Paul Montoulieu, Alec Lang, Billy Vinson, Kelley Zincone


What do an ex-CIA Agent, a mobster, and sitcom producer have in common? Nothing. Other than being the subjects of Sweaty Palms VHS Collection. Sweaty Palms is a collective of comedians founded by Jean-Paul Montoulieu based in Denver, Co. and are known for pushing the envelope, these comedians have shown time and time again to prove themselves not only as comedy writers but also filmmakers.


Creators: Marty Lang and the MFA Film Program at the University of Central Arkansas

Cast: Emily Cobb, Kirsten Rasmussen, Mikala Hicks, Marty Lang


When Tara Hearst, a precocious college journalist, learns about a conspiracy at her university, her first instinct is to blast the news out as widely and loudly as possible. But, as she maneuvers through the politics of journalism, she quickly learns there are two sides to every story - and that the truth can easily be bought and sold.


Creator: Jesse Randall

Cast: Spencer Paez, Wendy Hammers 


In the midst of an existential crisis, a socially inept New Yorker abandons his life for "perfect" Los Angeles in search of a chosen family in the LGBTQIA community, but quickly discovers starting over again isn't the fantasy he thought it would be.

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